Terms & Conditions


For the benefit of all of our customers, we have a few rules and regulations regarding our services. It is important that you follow them, so we've tried to make them as clear, short and easy-to-read as possible. For the purpose of this document, "your service" and similar terms refer to any service held by you, rented from us. "We" refers to us; AlienVPS.

If you have any confusion after reading our Terms of Service, feel free to contact support and request clarification on any one of these points. While we will try to give reasonable notice for major changes to this document, this isn't always possible - so check back frequently for updates.

By purchasing any service from our website, you accept and agree to be bound by our Terms of Service. We reserve the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any service provided with or without a refund or notice or warning for any reason. We also reserve the right to modify our Terms of Service at any time with or without informing the client. It is up to the client to periodically familiarize themselves with the recent Terms of Service. If any client does not comply with the new Terms of Service modifications, their service will be terminated at our discretion.


  • Please use common sense. If you think something you're doing could get you into trouble, it probably will.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any service at any time without possibility of refund. Hopefully we won't have to.
  • We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service at any time. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with our Terms of Service.
  • Don't use your service to do anything that would be deemed illegal in the United States or your country of residence.
  • Don't use your service to disrupt or interfere with any other AlienVPS service. Additionally, don't use your service to disrupt or intefere with any other service on the internet.
  • In order to use our service, you must be at least 13 years of age.
  • If you are 13 or older but under 18 years of age, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use our service. Please have them read through this agreement with you.



    • By purchasing a Minecraft server from our website, you agree to Mojang's End User License Agreement.
    • If your server is found to be in violation of Mojang's EULA, your server may be suspended until you have removed the violating content from your server.

    Fair Use Policy 

    • Services provided by us are not explicitly limited by bandwidth, CPU or disk space; however, we have some restrictions.
    • Disk space is 'unlimited' for the purpose of storing material related to your service. 100 GB of user data is acceptable. Hundreds of copyrighted music, movies or games are not.
    • If your service uses an excessive amount of bandwidth or CPU for prolonged periods, we will send you warnings via email. If you don't fix the problem, we may suspend your service.
    • If your service is using an excessive amount of disk space, we may thoroughly investigate your storage. If you are found to be using excessive disk space for material not related to your service, we will send you warnings via email. If you don't fix the problem, we'll start deleting files irrelevant to your service.
    • Each client may only store a maximum of 3 backups of their service at one time. Any additional backups must be stored externally.
    • The total size of all backups under your account should not exceed 15GB. Any additional backups must be stored externally.
    • If using the plugin Dynmap or bluemap, map files should not exceed 10GB; therefore, for this reason, we restrict Dynmap to a maximum resolution of 'lowres'. Dynmap tiles above 10GB will automatically be deleted.
    • World files above 5GB must not include pre-generated chunks. Chunks should be generated through gameplay.
    • Pre-generation includes both generation algorithms (e.g. Vanilla world generation or world generation mods and plugins) as well as computer-generated worlds using software such as WorldPainter (e.g. Earth maps).
    • Exceeding any terms of our Fair Use Policy may result in the infringing files being removed.
    • Any world pre-generation must not exceed a radius of 10K. This is because world sizes grow exponentially as the radius grows. For this reason, pre-generation plugins that do not have a configuration option to limit the maximum radius are blocked.

    Server Management 

    • The Server Management addon must be renewed at the end of each billing period.
    • Server Management only applies to the service it is ordered for and cannot be moved to a different service.
    • All management requests must be made via a ticket opened under your client account.
    • Be as specific as possible with your request. If you are not specific enough, we cannot complete your request and may ask for clarification.
    • Configuration for permissions, ranking and kit plugins is not covered by Server Management. This includes but is not limited to PermissionsEx and GroupManager.
    • Configuration for CrateKeys or similar plugins is not covered by Server Management.
    • Server Management does not include building worlds, maps and/or any structures.
    • Server Management does not include in-game setup of any plugins or modifications.
    • Server Management does not include any form of development (plugin, addon, mod, etc development).
    • We reserve the right to deny any server management request.



    • Fast-Track is a one-time purchase that will escalate the associated support ticket to our team.
    • Fast-Track will no longer apply to a ticket if the ticket is no longer regarding the original topic of the ticket, as reasonably determined at the discretion of the responding support agent.


  • Your account is your account. Don't share your account details.
  • Please open a ticket if you'd like to be able to give friends access to your game panel, their own account can be created.
  • Failure to report account breaches may result in suspension or termination of services.
  • As we have rules preventing you from sharing your account, we assume that any use of your service to violate these rules was done by you, therefore it will be you and your service that will be penalized.
  • Furthermore, don't use your service to exploit flaws in our software or hardware, or the software or hardware of other internet services.


  • Services are not activated until the first payment is received.
  • If you don't renew your service before it expires, you have a one (1) day grace period in which you can pay the invoice for overdue services without disruption or penalty. Beyond this period, your service will be suspended until it's paid for.
  • After thirty (30) days, without payment, your service will be terminated, thus deleting your files from our servers.
  • Any chargebacks or payment disputes will result in immediate account suspension. Please contact support if you have a problem, we are willing to help sort things out.
  • We offer the ability to set up scheduled payments for the purpose of automatically adding credit to your account at your specified frequency. If you choose to schedule any automatic payments (e.g PayPal subscription) these are associated with your account and not any individual service.
  • Account credit is non-refundable and non-withdrawable.


  • All refund requests must be made via a ticket on our website.
  • When requesting a refund, you must be logged into your client account.
    • If you are not logged into your client account when submitting the ticket we cannot accept it as a refund request.
    • If this occurs, our support team will ask you to login and submit the request. We are willing to grant 48 hours from the time of our request for you to login and request a refund.
    • When logging in and opening your new request, you will need to reference the original ticket ID from the ticket you created while not logged in (this is only required if your initial 30 Day period has passed).
    • Failure to provide the ticket ID will mean we are unable to locate your original request - we will not grant any additional time in this case.
  • The following services are not eligible for a refund: Minecraft Reseller and Gift Cards.
  • If a Server Management request has been fulfilled for the client, we cannot issue a refund for this addon or any related service.
  • If a Fast-Track ticket has received a reply, we cannot refund the payment for upgrading this ticket to Fast-Track.
  • A payment made for the renewal of a service cannot be refunded.
  • If the client opens a dispute, we reserve the right to suspend any and all of the client's services.
  • All refunds will be provided as credit or via the original payment method at our discretion.
  • If the client has opened any disputes on any transaction, refunds will only be provided at our discretion, and not in accordance with our refund policy.
  • When a refund is issued, any related services will be terminated.
  • 30 Day Refund Policy (Money Back Guarantee) 

    • Subject to the conditions below, we can provide a refund within the first 30 Days of ordering a new service - all we ask is that you tell us why you wish to cancel your service and receive a refund.
    • Each client is only eligible to claim our 30 Day Refund Policy once.
    • Refunds for services are available within the first 30 Days of a monthly plan commencing - please contact support to request a refund. Beyond this period, refunds are given solely at our discretion.
    • All refund requests must be submitted via a cancellation request on our website. The 30 Days is counted from the time of order to the time the cancellation is submitted.
    • The client may be asked why they wish to receive a refund before a refund is issued, in which our team may offer assistance to resolve the issue the client is experiencing. If there is no response from the client within 48 hours of any of our messages, eligibility to claim the 30 Day refund will be lost.
    • The client must provide a reason for the refund request, however the reason provided will not affect eligibility.
    • The client will be asked for confirmation on their refund request before a refund is issued. If the client fails to make a confirmation within 48 hours of our request to do so, eligibility to claim the 30 Day refund will be lost.
    • Our 30 Day refund policy only covers the first 30 Days after a new plan commences. Payments made for the renewal of services are not eligible for our 30 Day Refund Policy.
    • Opening a dispute on any of your payments will void eligibility for our 30 Day Refund Policy.
    • Our 30 Day money back guarantee only covers a single transaction per client account.
    • If the client retracts the refund request or states that they do not confirm the refund, the request will become void. A new refund request can be submitted after this point, but will be treated as a new request and will only be eligible if 30 Days from the client's order has not passed.
    • If a Server Management request is fulfilled, eligibility for the 30 Day refund immediately becomes void.
    • Any client found to be creating multiple accounts in order to claim the 30 Day refund multiple times will be denied a refund.
    • Some payment methods may not support refunds (as determined by the payment gateway). In this case, the refund will be issued as account credit instead.
    • In order to maintain eligibility to receive a refund, you must respond to all messages from us (including automated responses) within 48 hours. Not responding to one of our replies within 48 hours will void your eligibility to receive a refund (unless you are still within the first 30 Days of ordering a new service).

    Overpayments & accidental payments 

    • We understand that overpayments and accidental payments sometimes occur and are willing to work with you to resolve the issue.
    • A payment made by the user is not an "accidental" payment, and a refund of this type is subject to the conditions under the "Refunds & Disputes" section of this page.
    • An "accidental" payment is a payment that was made manually by the client that was not due. For example, if the client had completed their payment multiple times. Payments of this type will be referred to as an "overpayment" from here on.
    • An overpayment occurs when an invoice is paid multiple times - when this occurs, credit with the value of the overpayment is added to the client's account.
    • Refunds can be offered for overpayments under the following conditions:
      • The refund request is made within a reasonable timeframe of the payment being sent. Payments via PayPal and other payment processors restrict the time frame a refund can be issued. For this reason, we ask that your request is made within 7 days to give us plenty of time to issue the refund. If the refund request is made beyond this point, we cannot guarantee we will be able to issue it.
      • Our system automatically adds overpayments to your account credit - if any of this credit is used before a refund is issued, a refund cannot be issued.
      • If there are multiple overpayments, only payments made within the past 30 days at the time the ticket is handled can be issued. This is why we ask that you open a ticket with the request as soon as possible.
      • The credit is unused and remains in the client's account.
    • When requesting a refund for an overpayment, please ensure you let us know the PayPal email used to make the overpayment, or the equivalent information for the payment method used to locate the payment, as well as the date the payment was completed.


  • If you do not wish to continue your service, you will need to submit a cancellation for the service from the AlienVPS client area. You may contact our support if you require assistance with this.
  • You may also wish to cancel any PayPal subscriptions you may have activated for your account. As AlienVPS does not have access to the client's PayPal account we cannot and will not be responsible for incidental payments made from using the automatic payment subscription service.


  • Affiliate withdrawals can only be made to your AlienVPS credit balance or an external withdrawal via PayPal.
  • Withdrawals via PayPal are subject to a 10% withdrawal fee.
  • Withdrawals to your AlienVPS credit balance will receive a 10% bonus (for example: if you withdraw $100, you will be credited $110).
  • Advertising your affiliate link on websites is permitted only if the website requires registration and displays that the author or user who posted the affiliate link is you. For example, forums are permitted, but most coupon listing websites are not.
  • Advertising your affiliate link on websites designed to provide coupon codes or discounts is not permitted.
  • Using paid advertisers and services (such as Google Ads) to collect affiliate referrals is not permitted.
  • Creating and/or using multiple accounts to advertise your affiliate URL on a single website is not permitted. You must use only 1 account per website to advertise your affiliate URL.
  • When advertising your affiliate code, you must follow the terms of service of the website or service which you advertise on.
  • The full affiliate link provided should be visible when it is clicked. Hiding it as another link or with a button or image is not permitted.
  • Only the affiliate link provided should be advertised - using another link (such as a shortened URL) to redirect to your affiliate link is not permitted.
  • The affiliate system is designed to refer new people to our service. Commissions will only apply to new customers.
  • If we reasonably believe a new account has been created to bypass the limitations in this terms of service, the commission will not apply.
  • You cannot click your own affiliate link or receive commission for doing so.
  • Affiliate commissions are granted for the value of the first month, irrespective of the billing cycle selected (e.g: If an annual billing cycle is selected, the commission value is only the portion from the first month - not the full year).
  • Commissions from quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing cycles are not eligible for PayPal withdrawal.
  • Any commissions earned will be held for a 35 day "maturation period". If the referred service is refunded, cancelled or terminated during this time, the commission is void and will not be attributed to your affiliate account.
  • An affiliate balance has no real-world value until it is withdrawn from your account. Non-compliance with any point in our terms of service will void your eligibility to withdraw your affiliate balance.
  • At any time we may investigate your affiliate account to ensure all terms are followed. This may involve asking questions before permitting a withdrawal. Failure to answer a question truthfully or at all may result in the removal of your affiliate balance and/or closure of your account.
  • Any attempts to exploit the affiliate system may result the removal of your affiliate balance, nullification of your eligible to withdraw your affiliate balance and/or closure of your account.
  • Violation of any of these terms may result the removal of your affiliate balance, nullification of your eligibility to withdraw your affiliate balance and/or closure of your account.


  • For security purposes, our website stores access logs with details for every visitor, which includes information such as your browser details and your IP address.
  • Our website uses cookies, small pieces of information stored on your computer, for our Client Area (Billing) and Multicraft Control Panel. You can disable and delete these in your browser, however they are necessary for certain features to work correctly.
  • Any personal details provided through our billing system are held until the account is closed. These details are only available to AlienVPS administrators and support staff and are only used for the purpose of fulfilling orders. To request an account close, contact support.


  • For certain violations of these Terms of Service, we may endeavour to provide notices or warnings via email or support ticket, however this is at our discretion.
  • Generally, any violation of these terms may result in account suspension, termination or closure without refund.
  • Any attempts to exploit any part of our system in any way may result in account suspension, termination or closure without refund.


  • To report abuse on the AlienVPS network, contact us at https://alienlayer.com/contact.php
  • Any abuse complaints regarding a service of yours will be forwarded to you and will require immediate attention. We may suspend your services until abuse reports have been resolved. If an abuse report is found in favor of the reporter, your services may be terminated.