About AlienVPS

Based in Phoenix, Arizona,
AlienVPS is a leading server hosting provider since 2020.

Welcome! We are changing the hosting industry one server at a time. We are proud to offer affordable, reliable, and easy to use hosting.

About AlienVPS

Our Company

Built by a collection of hosting specialists...

Founded in 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona: Our company is built by a collective of people dedicated to create a thrilling service experience to our clients. We are here to give you the most amazing support, speedy servers with the lowest prices and most importantly, a fun experience.

We pride ourselves with the amount of effort we put in to keep our clients happy. Our company is built from the ground up through our amazing customers.

  • AlienVPS has been a profitable business since 2020. We have no investors to listen or fuss up to, we set our own rules. Having nobody on your back allows us to simply create an amazing hosting experience, that you can find no-where else.
  • We are here for the long-haul. Our entire team is committed to our mission, and lives by our core values. Stick around to watch us achieve our future.
  • We have earned the respect from our peers and customers by Doing the Right Thing. This may be as simple as admitting a mistake that has been made, or not cutting corners. Do what is right, even though it may be hard, it is ultimately awarding.

Do the Right Thing


Be the Best. We strive to offer the best performance. We do this through reliability, hardware performance, and customer experience. Our reliability is created through using the best hardware, datacenters, and procedures; which are constantly changing. We are always upgrading our hardware to offer stellar performance.


In order to Be the Best it requires change. We are always innovating for the better. As someone once said, "If you are not changing, you're not growing."


Do the hard work, be committed, and get the results. Being the Best does not come without hard work and commitment. We always strive to be "1%" better every day, even if it means we make mistakes along the way.